Jason Maverick is a performance poet for festivals in London and the UK. His comic performance poetry is based around London in the UK and abroad. Recipe for water The teapot collector Bus lane Temptations Beauty Salon for Insects

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Recipe for water

Tried to make water today
2 spoons of hydrogen
1 spoon of oxygen
It worked
But to be honest
I think I made it
a bit too runny

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Bus lane Temptations

Oh bus lane
How you tempt me
So clog free
So clear
So near
And yet so far
from letting my car
caress your emptiness

In this rush hour queue
I implore you
Let me cruise down
your gently parted thighs
That have materialised
Like a vision before me

Avert those piercing
camera eyes of yours
Let my wheels
And your tarmac combine
Let the two of us
Poetry entwine
Bus lane
I am yours
Be mine

Performance Poet

    Performance Poet for
Festivals and Art Centres

Content tailored to suit each audience. Duration 30 minutes approximately.

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